Rules and regulations (statue)



1. Terms used in the statue:

a. APARTMENT – residential unit for short-term rental in the offer of a lessor

b.  CHECK IN/ OUT TIME – period between 15.00 and 11.00  of the next day

c. LESSOR – PHU BUDMAR Marek Niedośpiał 94/6 Duńska Street ; 71-795 Szczecin; NIP 885-105-41-41; offering apartments LM APARTAMENTY; e-mail:

d. GUEST – tenant and the other guests staying in the apartment


2. Present statue stipulates all rules of renting apartments by the lesser, conditions of responsibilities of the parties ans conditions of staying in the apartments as well as duties of the guest. The statue is a part of an agreement, which is made by booking an apartment by the guest and confirming it by the lesser.

3. By booking an apartment,the guest confirms that they accept all rules and regulations and commit themselves to follow it.



1. We make an apartment available after the payment in advance.

2. You can book an apartment via the Internet booking services, where a lesser places their offers.

You can also book an apartment by calling or writing an e-mail. Contact data are available on the website: www.LMAPARTAMENTY.PL

3. You must accept the statue to book the apartment.

4. Apartments are rented for chesk-in/out time.


1. After booking, you are charged with 30-50% of the price of the apartment.

2. If you cancel booking:

  • Up to 30 days before check-in date – fully refundable advance
  • Up to 15 days before check-in date – 50% refundable advance
  • Up to 7 days before check-in date – 25% refundable advance
  • Less than 7 days before check-in date – non-refundable advance

3. You must pay at the check-in date the full sum of money for the stay in cash or by card

4. During the booking procedurę you must show your ID card.

5. If you wish to prolong your stay, the lesser will make their best to fulfil the wish. It all depends on the availability of the apartments.


1. Check-in date starts at 15:00 and finishes at 11:00 of the next day.

2. You can collect the keys in the place and time stipulated by the lesser.

3. The guest should inform about appriopriate time of arrival.

4. If the guest cannot come on the agreed time, they must inform the lesser immediately by phone. If there is no contact with the guest, the lesser can cancel the reservation and account for costs according to &3.3

5. The guest is obliged to return the keys to the apartment on the last day of stay before the check-out, in the agreed way.



1.The guest can only use the apartment in residential purposes.

2. The guest cannot share the apartment with other people, even if the reservation is still valid. People who are not registered must leave the apartment at call of the lesser.

3. Unregistered people are not permited to stay without conset of the lesser.  They must leave the apartment immediately.

4. Organising parties or meetings is not permited . you must keep quiet in the building from 22:00 to 7:00 the next day. Guests who will not comply with the rules will be reported to the police, city guards or security.

5. A guest is obliged to comply with civil order and good neighbourhood over the rental of the apartment. In case of devastation of the apartment or breaking of order rules, the lesser may cancel the agreement at once.

6.There are no safes in apartments do hold valuables, documents and other costly belongings. The lesser is not responsible for loss or damage of such valuables.

7. One cannot keep any dangerous things such as : weapon, ammunition, flammable materials , explosives or acrid substances.

8. Due to fire-fighting regulations, one cannot use electrical devices which are not a part of the apartment. Charger and laptop are exceptions.

9. Each time, when yu leave an apartment, you must make sure that the light is switched off, the taps are plugged and all devices stipulated in &5.8 are switched off. The windows must be closed and the apartment locked.

10. Keys to the apartment and the building, entrance codes to the apartment cannot be shared with other people. Entrance codes are deactivated after check-out date.

11. The guest is obliged to inform immediately about all damages to the apartment or its equipment and about losing keys.

12. Smoking cigatettes, e-cigarettes or lighting candles are strictly prohibited in the apartment.

13. One cannot also make changes in the arrangement of the apartment, move furniture or housewares.

14. You must sort out rubbish according to the regulations.

15. If the guest uses not guarded parking place, they are obliged to park in the stipulated place.

16. Without written permission, one cannot take and publish photos  or films with the apartment in the background, especially on the Internet websites or social media.


1. The animals can only stay in the apartment after consent of the lesser and after paying 50 PLN/ night/ animal.

2. The guest is responsible for all damages in the apartment and the building that were made by the animal.


1. After entering the apartment, the guest is obliged tocheck the state of the apartment and report immediately all damages.

2. Complaints should be reported to the email address:

3. The lesser replies to the complaint within:

  • 12 hours, if one cannot use the apartment due tothe damages,
  • 48 hours, if there are minor damages
  • 14 days in other cases, which refer to services

4. You can call the numer +48 602 593 745  from 7:00 to 21:00. After that, all emergencies should be reported to alarm numbers.


1. The lesser is not responsible for loss or damages to the guest’s belongings.

2. The lesser is not responsible to theft or damages to the cars parked on stipulated parking places.

3. The guest is responsible for any damages to the apartment, its equipment and appliances, also caused by their visitors.

4. If one does not comply with the rules stipulated in &5.2-5, the lesser may charge the guest with the fine of 500 PLN for each violation. If the damage is more serious, the compensation will be executed.

5. It the rule mentioned in &5.12 is broken, the fine is 1000 PLN. Higher compensation will be needed if the cost of cleaning is higher or if the lesser will not be able to let the apartment for the stipulated time.

6. If the lesser is not informed about the animal, the guest will pay 500 fine. If the cost of cleaning is higher or if the lesser will not be able to let the apartment for the stipulated time, higher compensation will be needed.

7. If the guest will not check-out by the stipulated time, they may be charged with the fine of one-night stay in the given apartment. It can be higher if the lesser’s loss will exceed the fine.

8. In case of loss of keys or remote control to the garage, the lesser may charge the guest with the fine of 500 PLN for each.

9. Civil Code regulations apply to all cases not mentioned in the given statue.

10. All disputes and contentions will be solved by the domestic court.


Information about data processig (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation))

1. Administrator of your data is PHU BUDMAR Marek Niedośpiał, 94/6 Duńska Street, 71-795 Szczecin, NIP 885-105-41-41

2. Contact data: +48 602 593 745 or e-mail:

3. Your data will be processed due to the rental agreement and RODO regulations (&6.1b)

4. Receivers of your data will only be those who are authorised according to the law regulations  and our subcontractors.

5. Your data will be kept and processed for the time of tax claims and civil claims.

6. You can access, change  or delete your data, lodge a complaint and deny a permission to proces them.

7. You can make a complaint to the supervisory body.

8. Giving your data is volitional and it is the condition of signing the rental agreement.

+48 602 593 745