To ensure a peaceful and safe stay in our apartments, it has been prepared regulations. A Guest booking an apartment, at the same time accepts these rules, which is an integral part of the contract of renting an apartment.

  1. The apartments are rented for a day.
  2. Check-in from 3 p.m. of the first day of Guest stay to 11:00 a.m. of last day of stay. There is a possibility of early check-in, after consultation with the employee of LM Apartments. At the same time is allowed early checking-out on the same basis.
  3. The basis for check-in of the Guest is providing a valid photo ID and sign a registration card.
  4. In our apartments are strictly non-smoking. For breaking the ban is an additional fee in the amount of PLN 500. A designated smoking place is a balcony if the apartment did not have a balcony you can smoke outside the building. It is forbidden to throw trash and cigarette butts from the balcony (window).
  5. The keys to the apartment are passing directly by an employee of LM Apartments in a fixed location, at the set time. If a Guest can not reach the predetermined time, he should immediately inform the employee of LM Apartments.
  6. The fee for the stay is payable in advance on arrival day when receiving the keys.
  7. Passing of keys on departure day takes place on a way determinated with an employee of LM Apartments.
  8. Extension of stay beyond the period specified on the day of arrival, a Guest should notify to the employee of LM Apartments until 10 a.m. of this day in which is the closing date of renting an apartment. Request of Guests will be taken into account whenever possible.
  9. A Guest is obliged to observe the principles of good neighbourliness, including compliance with the hours of silence night from 10.00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
  10. In case of Guest’s cancellation from stay during the hotel day, LM Apartments does not return the fee for the day started.
  11. A Guests can not transfer the apartment to other people, even if not expired term of rent.
  12. The number of people staying in the apartment is limited to the amount specified in the booking process. If the number of people is greater than the specified when booking – meld LM Apartments will request an additional fee or terminate the lease.
  13. People not checked in LM apartments can stay in the apartment from 7.00 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  14. LM Apartments may refuse to accept a Guest who during the previous visit grossly violated the rules of hotel.
  15. Organizing social events in the apartment is prohibited. In a case of breaking the ban LM Apartments can charge additional fee of PLN 500, or terminate the contract.
  16. Termination of the contract for reasons attributable to the Guest will entails the loss of the amount paid for the stay.
  17. LM Apartments can inspect the room in the presence of Guest.
  18. In case of damage, a Guest should notify the employee of LM Apartments immediately after finding out about it.
  19. Guests shall bear liability for any damage or destruction of the equipment and technical equipment arising from his fault or the fault of people visiting him during the period of the rent.
  20. In case of loosing of keys from the apartment a Guest is obliged to pay a fee of 300 PLN.
  21. In case of sudden and unforeseen circumstances, LM Apartments reserves the right to change the booked apartment, and in the absence of a free apartment to cancel the reservation.
  22. LM Apartments is not liable for damage or loss of a car and other things belonging to a Guest.
  23. A Guest each time leaving the apartment should turn off electrical appliances (TV, iron), turn off the lights, turn off the taps and lock the door.
  24. Due to safety, it is forbidden to use electrical appliances in the apartments is not representing the equipment of the apartment.
  25. Personal items left by Guest in the apartment will be sent to the address indicated on the cost will be after prior telephone agreement.

Thank you for your cooperation. We wish you a pleasant stay.
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