About us

We are a stable and trustworthy company, which has been operating on the Szczecin market continuously for eight years, so we have gained a large number of satisfied guests. We offer apartments for rent, where you can stay in both the short and long term. Each location can be seen in the pictures contained on this website and see the details information about location of our many properties.

The proposed apartments for rent are a great (and much cheaper) alternative to the traditional hotel stay. This approach works particularly well during business trips, when we want a place where we can comfortably relax, and during family tourist trips, when the private space and properly arranged accommodation is essential.

Our apartments are very conveniently located, usually in the center of the city, and comprehensively equipped with everything you might need during a longer stay. Another advantage of our properties is their modern and aesthetic finishing to a high standard, as well as access to Wi-Fi and cable TV, so your stay in Szczecin will be without any problems. It is worth to choose our apartments, instead of the usual hotel stay, also because you can opt for the one which location and size is the most advantageous for the guests. In addition, each apartment is located in close proximity to cafés and shopping malls and has easy access. Staying in a such place you can be sure that our stay in the capital of the West Pomeranian will be pleasure.

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LM Apartamenty
Lucyna Niedośpiał
tel. +48 506 742 703

email: biuro@lmapartamenty.pl